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Application and verification documents are valid for 90 days. If a membership is not purchased within that time frame, application and interview process must be repeated.

Minimum Annual Income
(If income requirements not met, each applicant will be reviewed on a case by case basis)
Single:              $25,000
Married:    $36,000
Retired:     $15,000

Credit Report and Criminal Background Check Requirements
Comprehensive background checks are performed using www.acranet.com 
1.Social Security Number
2.Date of Birth
3.Valid State Photo ID
4.Valid mailing address
5.Valid Email address
6.Credit Check with Credit score 650 or higher If lower, evaluated on a case by case basis
7.No Bankruptcy within 2 years of application. Bankruptcy older than 2 years must be explained at member interview

​Membership Dues and Fees
1.  Membership Dues:  $2000 Annual
2.  Transfer of Membership fee $800 (paid by purchaser, seller or shared)
3.  Garbage:  $10 monthly, $5 handling fee
4.  Electricity:  $? per your meter reading
5.  Holding Tank Pumping:  $TBD depending on size of tank and level of use

General Information
Most campsites have water and power, 20 to 30 amps of service.
Dish, Direct TV, Antennae or a Streaming Service are the providers for television.
Century Link is the most common internet provider.

Volunteering is a big part of our community. 
We depend on members volunteering and working together to maintain and repair our park. 
This helps our park from having to hire people, thus keeping the annual dues from going up.

It is our community goal to keep our park as a campground setting. 
Membership Information/Criteria
Pleasant Forest Camping Club is a campground membership 
with exclusive rights to an assigned camping site. 
These are not deeded properties.
Our park does not offer financing and memberships are sold on a cash only basis